Selling your vintage car can be one of the most heartbreaking decisions to make, especially if your beloved classic has become an integral part of your identity and lifestyle. However, it is often a necessary step when making room in the garage for a new addition to your vintage car collection or solving some financial troubles. Whatever your particular reason for selling the car, it’s always a great idea to not only make the process as smooth, easy, and profitable as it can be but also choose a buyer that fits. Below you will find some useful tips which will make the selling procedure less heartbreaking and more enjoyable! 


Make Your Classic Car the Best It Can Look!


Have you ever heard the quote “Be the best version of you?” This goes a long way when selling your vintage car. Make your car as functionable, tidy, and presentable as it can be. A visit to the car mechanic may also be needed in some cases, as some minor fixes can increase the value of your classic to a remarkable extent. Cleaning is also a great idea as it will improve the overall appearance of your car and will leave a nice first impression. Along with washing the body of the car, you should also dedicate some effort to cleaning the engine bay and the undercarriage. Don’t forget to cover the battery, carburetor, the fuse box, and other sensitive parts of your car with plastic bags or other protective covers in order not to cause any unnecessary harm.


Set the Right Price


Classic cars have a unique valuation that is not as straightforward as a google search or index. Similar to other categories of collectibles, like antique furniture, jewelry, etc., classic cars require a professional valuation. The good news is that there are companies that offer valuation services, taking the huge burden of decision-making off your shoulders. Vintage Car Collector, for instance, offers fast and free valuation that is both fair and transparent, giving you full peace of mind when it comes to selling your car. Just make sure to include pictures when you fill out the form, and our experts will get back to you in less than no time! No matter which method of estimation you choose, be honest with yourself. Some characteristics such as rarity, originality, and low mileage increase the value of the car, so make sure you don’t replace too many parts or renovate the car to an extent that it loses its originality. Selling is a complex process and involves a variety of factors, so, depending on the unique circumstances, you may get lower or even higher than what you expect!



Advertise. Wisely!


Don’t get impatient when crafting your pitch, and take the time to make the advertisement as concise, clear, and convincing as it should be. Keep it short and sweet, and remember to include any relevant information that will attract potential buyers. Upkeep, maintenance history, make, model, year, are all important details to include in the ad and to set realistic expectations about your car’s running condition and intrinsic value. Also, make sure to provide high-quality photos with good lighting and a nice background. Remember that it is important to be transparent about the condition of the car, including any parts that need TLC, for example, rust, bubbling of the paint, cracks, torn seats, cracked windshields. Communicating the real condition of the car will help you avoid any troubles upon delivery of the car and make the transaction run smoothly without any issues. To assist you at every step of the photographing process, we have put together a detailed guide on how to prepare your car for its best presentation. Be demanding with your pictures as it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times! Before launching the ad, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, such as registration documents, service records, relevant receipts, at your disposal. Take as much time as you need to gather all required documentation before you put yourself out there and start promoting your car to the public. 


Vet Your Buyers!


Selling your vintage car may often feel like giving your beloved child to another parent. You may have given your vintage car all your attention, time and dedication, you may have spent the best days of your life together, created warm and pleasant memories that will last forever… and now you have to separate from each other. To make this process less painful and heartbreaking, it is important to choose a buyer who will be as careful, loving, and considerate as you have been with your baby vintage car. Moreover, it is crucial to find a buyer who will not take your car apart and sell it for parts or even mistreat and wear it down in its entirety. Instead, you need someone who will preserve the time-tested legacy and history of the vehicle that you once cherished and loved so dearly. Our team at Vintage Car Collector is well aware of your deepest needs and concerns, and has therefore created a thorough vetting process and built a network of vetted buyers to ensure that your car is in safe and reliable hands for the decades to come. We will help you find the most secure and hospitable new home for your vintage gem so that you can enjoy full peace of mind both during and after the sale!



Be at the Right Place at the Right Time!


Place and time can be real game changers when it comes to selling your vintage car. They have the potential to determine not only how fast or easily you sell your car, but also the price at which your car will eventually get sold. The place where you are selling your classic can also play a crucial role. If your local area does not have many target buyers, it may be wise to sell statewide. The best place to sell your car is the Internet, as you can find buyers in any season from the convenience of your own home. Keep in mind that expanding your selling area means potentially incurring shipping and transportation costs, as well as insurance costs while in transit in addition to logistics arrangement. This alone can result in lengthy negotiations. Fortunately, when selling to a professional dealership rather than an individual, this worry is taken away and you will not have to worry about transportation. Many companies today have an active virtual presence and are ready to walk you through the entire process of selling your car. Just make sure to avoid any scams, and trade only with companies that are credible and renowned among the public. If you are thinking of selling your classic treasure, contact us at  Vintage Car Collector and we promise, the process will be much easier and more enjoyable than you’d ever think!

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