Classic vehicles are similar to good wine in that they become even better with age. They have surely left their mark in the world, as well as in the hearts of many true vintage car enthusiasts, whether it is because of their extraordinary style, intriguing history, or just because of their authentic nature. 

Do you want to travel back in time to see the most stunning antique vehicles? To help you in your journey of discovery and fascination, we've compiled a meticulously selected list of the greatest classic cars magazines of all times. Until recently, car magazines were the single most reliable source of information for making purchasing decisions and keeping up with news and developments in the automotive industry. They are still a significant part of automobile culture today.

With these fantastic publications, the key to unlock beauty, elegance and nostalgia is right in your hands. So buckle up and get ready to experience the world of classic vehicle frenzy!

Car and Driver

Car and Driver magazine is America's most popular car magazine, with a circulation of 12 million subscribers. And rightly so: during the course of its 64-year existence, the magazine has continuously offered its readers with high-quality evaluations and actionable advice on both common and unusual automobiles. This magazine is a valuable monthly membership for any gearhead or enthusiast because of its clever, frequently amusing writing, decent photography, and coverage of all significant automotive news.

Top Gear

Top Gear has been publishing a monthly magazine for the past 25 years, in addition to their popular TV show. It doesn't merely translate the TV show's content to paper, though; the articles it includes are enjoyable to read, with plenty of in-depth stories on a variety of vehicles and superb coverage from (among others) the show's well-known hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Top Gear magazine is known for having some of the most amusing and snappy sections, which are often a joy to read. If you're a fan of the program, you should absolutely check it out.

Road & Track

Since 1947, Road & Track Magazine, a monthly publication aimed at the typical automobile enthusiast, has been a useful source of automotive-related insights and information. The thorough reviews and in-depth debates, on the other hand, are not limited to standard cars, but also include racing. Many racing giants, including Formula One legend Phil Hill and designer Gordon Murray, have contributed to the publication. It is still one of the most popular automotive journals today, praised for its comprehensive and high-quality writing as well as fascinating comparisons between race and production cars.


Octane is a monthly magazine that concentrates on historic automobiles and motorsports, with the occasional performance car section. It's a wonderful read for any car enthusiast. It's a newer publication than some of the other competitors on this list, but the content it offers is on pace with the best automotive publications in the world. Jay Leno and Rowan Atkinson are among the contributors, so you know the words will be sharp and funny.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod stands out from the crowd by focusing solely on classic, muscle, and race automobiles. Throughout the 1960s, it was known for hosting some of the most famous drag racing events of all time, the Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drag Races. According to Hot Cars, Hot Rod is now one of the most famous automobile magazines in America, with a total yearly readership of 650,928, making it an ideal pick for hard-core car lovers and muscle car enthusiasts.


Despite being published by the Motor Trend Group, Automobile stands out as an automotive lifestyle newspaper with a nearly 300,000 yearly circulation. As a result, the focus of Automobile is less on specifications and hard technical information and more on honest, genuine reviews and descriptions of driving experiences and vehicle quality. So, until 2014, Automobile announced automobiles for their "Automobile of the Year" award, which was replaced by "Automobile All-Stars," an award geared toward sharing honest opinions on the best new cars to buy. It also has pages dedicated to ancient cars that collectors and classic automobile aficionados might be interested in, as well as a high grade of information, photography, and overall fantastic reading experience.


Autoweek has been a well-respected source of bi-weekly automotive news for over 60 years, and you've almost certainly seen it sitting around. Its goal is to deliver news and extensive information about racing as well as more obscure car expertise to its viewers. Every two weeks, it covers themes such as news, trends, and automotive reviews, and it is one of America's most widely circulated car publications. For many automobile magazine subscribers, it is precisely this increased publishing frequency compared to its competitors that tilt the scales in favor of Autoweek. When it comes to the other aspects, the coverage is on pace with the best vehicle magazines out there, with stunning photography and enough technical information for even the most curious car lovers.


If you're a supercar enthusiast, EVO is the publication for you. The main purpose of this publication is to bring the world of performance automobiles as close to the readers as possible. Having said that, no other publication will provide you such a rich and thorough picture of what it's like to sit inside the world's most powerful automobiles. The evaluations are thorough, with plenty of spec tables, and the photographs are among the nicest you'll see anywhere. The magazine appears to place a strong emphasis on reader interaction. This is unquestionably a fantastic option!


Autocar, often regarded as the world's oldest car magazine, has been publishing since 1895. It continues to hold its own important place among the world's best automobile magazines thanks to its top-notch news coverage, writing style, photography, and exceptionally extensive road tests. But, above all, it's appreciated by car fans for its consistent quality and abundance of content relevant to the reader's market, with international coverage in the UK, China, India, Japan, and other countries. Autocar is a high-quality one-stop shop for automotive news, extensive reviews, and nearly everything else car-related.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend is certainly one of the most famous automobile magazines in the world, with a popular YouTube channel, website, and one of the most widely circulated automotive print magazines. Since 1949, the monthly publication has been a popular option among car aficionados. Motor Trend's writers develop high-quality material by testing and comparing new and popular automobiles on a regular basis. The focus is on regular production, daily vehicles, with honest reviews and recommendations to assist buyers make wise and educated purchasing decisions.

Vintage Car Collector

Humbly last, but definitely not least, our very own - Vintage Car Collector. Our blog encompasses the entire spectrum of collectible autos, from early 1900s classic touring cars and roadsters through iconic muscle cars of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Vintage Car Collector will be your most favorite go-to source for fantastic classic car stories, most meticulous technical details, how-to guides and most thorough and comprehensive recommendation lists. Want to learn about the cars of Frank Sinatra? You’ll find all the information you need on our blog. Interested in top destinations for classic car lovers? We got you covered. Want to know how to choose the best auto restoration shops? You guessed it right; there is nothing classic car-related that we don’t cover on our VCC blog. So check it out and feel free to share your favorite blog posts with your fellow vintage car enthusiasts!


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