In our article on best classic car business ideas, we covered everything from car rental businesses and car wash to detailing and auto parts shops, leaving one particular cool idea for a special occasion. Today is the day, and we will finally tell you about the best car-themed bars and restaurants of the U.S. in one comprehensive article! Life is finally getting back to some kind of normalcy after what seemed like an eternity of isolated rules and limitations, and we can now fully enjoy the many perks of being a car enthusiast. Happily, some creative people have already brought to life the cool idea of a car-themed eatery, and our sole responsibility is to coompile all of these places in one article and share with our beloved readers for some unforgettable memories. Check out this list if you have some lengthy drives planned or just want to see some interesting locations in your state. Among these seven of the hippest American bars and eateries, there is something for everyone, from luxury Porches all the way to low-riding hot rods. Let’s get started!

The Shop – Seattle, WA

We highly advise you to visit The Shop if you ever find yourself in Emerald City. When it comes to bars and restaurants with an automotive theme, this one is a touch out of the ordinary, but aren't all the best ideas? The Shop, which bills itself as a country club for gearheads, is essentially a private members-only club where motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts of all levels can come and - quite literally - "grow their passion." According to the Engine Block, the Shop has everything a fan might need and more: indoor wash bays, valet service, 55,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage, access to lifts, tools, and a gathering space where you can talk shop with other enthusiasts and pick their brains. In their on-site restaurant named Derby, they hold events and dish out delectable goodies. The good news for you foodies is that Derby is open to non-members and that the chef is serving up some delicious treats. Classic comfort food prepared with carefully chosen ingredients is paired with craft beers, bourbon, and an astonishing array of scotches. Did we mention that the view is essentially unbeatable? You can also take a tour of the storage facility for a modest cost. Get up close and personal with hundreds of automobiles, including classic and exotic models. Check the event schedule before you go. You will also receive a free second tour of the outside area if there is a meet-up while you are there. The business has also recently opened a second facility in Dallas, Texas. Look it up!

The Garage Grill – Draper, UT

Utah is a well-liked tourist destination with lots to do and see. The state is a haven for off-road enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike with more arches, canyons, and cliffs than we can even count. And the rapidly expanding city of Draper is located midway between Salt Lake City and Provo. The city is also the location of The Garage Grill, one of the greatest hang-gliding and paragliding spots in the nation. With some pretty excellent décor, this place starts off our list of fantastic bars and restaurants with an automotive theme. Imagine a dining room with plenty of hot rods on lifts, vintage gas stations, and racing flags. This establishment is for you if you're the kind of gearhead who believes that eating lunch in the garage simply tastes better. In addition, if the ambiance doesn't appeal to you for some bizarre reason, the menu most surely will. This is traditional American fare that has been spiced up. Grab a spicy fried chicken sammie or a double-decker burger on brioche. Or how about trying something novel like those sushi nachos? Avoid the boring Coke and replace it with a custom cocktail or some Salt Flats Brewery craft beer to wash it all down. Did we mention that Garage Grill occasionally hosts car shows? These guys are totally into the car scene. Consider visiting Draper's new location, which is roughly 10 miles west in Herriman, if they deviate from the intended path.

Low ‘N Slow – Santa Fe, NM

Want to add a little low to your trip to the southwest? Then you must visit Low 'N Slow, a hotel bar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a lowrider motif. Located inside the incredibly adorable Hotel Chimayó (Wrap-around porch! handmade furnishings! This location is a must-visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable car-themed experience (Native American art!). Ingeniously incorporated lowrider design elements may be seen in the diamond-tuck upholstered furniture and tables fashioned of chromed chain-link steering wheels. The walls are decorated with vintage hubcaps and artistic images of crashed trucks and pavement-sweeping beauties. You might want to reconsider that pile of scrap in the garage after seeing this exhaust pipe chandelier. Drink in the atmosphere while doing so. Twenty different tequilas are available here to get your engine revving. Enjoy some music on the renowned Wurlitzer jukebox while enjoying some wood-fired Hawt Pizza, a specialty of the area. Want to extend it to a weekend? Throw out the location and the time frame. Take in the sights of Downtown Santa Fe and the historic Plaza by hopping into the custom '64 Chevy Impala lowrider from the Hotel Chimayó. There are countless things to do in the area, but we suggest returning right away to the bar to try the other 19 tequilas.

Sickies Garage – Fargo, ND

As we move east, we want to give a state some recognition that it deserves. Yes, old North Dakota, that's correct. This state is home to Sickies Garage and is renowned for its untamed natural beauty, and wonderful Midwestern dialects, and was a favorite of Teddy Roosevelt. This bar-restaurant, which has a solely garage-themed decor, is renowned for its menu of traditional American fare and changing variety of 50 regional craft, domestic, and foreign brews. The location gets its name from the Deadwood-based lifestyle company Sick Boys Motorcycles. A "sickie" is also a person who calls in sick to work but hangs out at a bar, which is a fun fact.) The “Sickies” screams resourceful gearhead, from the oil cans supporting the awning exterior to the rusty hoods attached to the ceiling within. The burgers, according to what we've heard, are incredible and come in just about any variation you can think of. You may double the patties, add mac and cheese, or change the bun for a doughnut. Heck, you can even swap the bun for double grilled cheese. America, goddammit! You don't feel like traveling all the way to the north? After that, travel to one of the Sickies' other lovely destinations in Florida, South Dakota, Nebraska, or Nevada.

Ford’s Garage – Fort Myers, FL

The original facility is in sunny Fort Myers, less than a mile from Henry Ford's winter home. However, this rapidly expanding brand has more than a dozen branches in Florida, as well as outposts in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas. You're in for a treat no matter which Ford's Garage you end up at. This location absolutely oozes a simpler era and place, from the 1920s gas station ambiance to the classic Ford cars to the hand-hammered copper bar top. This place has a ton of other interesting characteristics that are too many to describe that make it a blast to visit, including the bathroom's totally bizarre sinks! Ford's Garage offers a menu a la "gourmet burger bar" with a concentration on American craft beer to fit the ambiance, all while carrying licensing rights from one of America's most recognizable businesses. This is a terrific place to go out on Sunday Funday.

Pete’s Garage – Monroe, MI

You might as well eat in Motor City's home state if you're going to a pub or restaurant with an automobile theme. A timeless treasure in Monroe, Michigan is Pete's Garage. It is located about 40 minutes from Detroit and about 35 minutes south of Dearborn, which is the location of the Automotive Hall of Fame and everything related to Henry Ford (home to everything else automotive-themed). Pete's is famous for its 1950s junkers that have been transformed into dining booths. Pete was built in the 1980s, like other great family-friendly sports restaurants. (Just a reminder that there are only 5 persons in the establishment, therefore seating usually requires four people.) You may expect to chow down on traditional American favorites like burgers, wings, subs, and beer. What more would a vintage enthusiast possibly wish for?

Sunday Motor Co. Café – Madison, NJ

The Sunday Motor Co. Café is the last but by no means the least. This establishment adds a touch of concours to this collection of car-themed pubs and restaurants by serving Instagram-worthy breakfast and brunch fare along with potent coffee. Sunday Motor has "cool coffee place vibes" down pat thanks to its timeless color scheme of black, white, and natural wood, as well as its garage-door walls that open out to the outside (weather permitting) and beautiful natural sunshine. So where does the automobile theme fit in? How about the stunning Targa that is sitting in the corner? As obvious Porsche fans, you'll see small tributes to the deities of German engineering all about the café. Additionally, if you visit on a Cars & Coffee Sunday, you can enjoy some delicious exhaust along with your hot beverage of choice.

Closing Thoughts

If you yourself are the owner of a car-themed bar or restaurant, and are looking for a creative way to promote your business, feel free to contact us for a large selection of rental vehicles for your projects. Our rental vehicle services include a large variety of services ranging from transportation, custom builds, and consultation, to design, engineering and more! Our cars will generate the necessary buzz and excitement around your business, while also adorning your place with an aesthetic and classy touch for your promotional vidoes and designs!


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